Level up! 3.6.1 and Level up! Plus 1.6.1

Two new versions released with various improvements.

Level up! v3.6.1

  • The permission block/xp:manage was added to separate management capabilities from block/xp:addinstance
  • The instructions on the information page have been added to backups
  • The columns to display on the ladder have been added to backups

Level up! can be downloaded for free here.

Level up! Plus v1.6.1

  • The instructions of the information page are displayed in the mobile app
  • Fixed an issue causing the level badges to not always display properly on mobile
  • The link to Level up! in the mobile app could be missing when none of the students had earned points
  • The progress bar setting has been added to backups

Level up! Plus can be purchased here.

Release date: March 21, 2019.

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