Engage your learners!

Add gamification to Moodle by enabling learners to gain experience points for participating in their courses.


Retain learners

Increase engagement and participation by motivating students to progress towards the next level.

Display of levels and progress bars

Praise progress

Reward their efforts by congratulating learners for reaching the next level.

Message of congratulation for reaching level 5

Trigger competition

Use the leaderboard to leverage competitiveness while keeping it friendly and motivating.

Leaderboard of students

Unlock content

Unlock access to course content when a certain level is reached.

Screenshot showing that sections are restricted until a specific level is achieved

Keep it under control

Configure the amount of experience points your students receive for what they do.

Conditional tree of rules based on Moodle events

Further customisation

Change the levels and substitute experiences points for other symbols to make it even more exciting!

Levels displayed as robot, animal and funny character respectively using screws, paws and thumbs up instead of experience points.


"Brilliant plugin!"

Garth B.
Source: Moodle.org

"Excellent block. Easily configured. Great information. Enjoyed by my students! This is the best gamification block out there... so far."

Lee K.
Source: Moodle.org

"My students absolutely love this and it's nurturing engagement levels that I could never have imagined. The students are doing twice as much work, and powering through content."

Jesse H.
Source: Moodle.org


Level Up XP


  • Standard features
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Level Up XP+


$280.00 USD
  • Includes Pro Package
  • Partial IOMAD support
  • Up to 3 websites
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$160.00 USD
  • Lots of additional features
  • Upgrades and email support*
  • Single website
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  • Includes Multi Package
  • Large deployments
  • Deferred activation
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* Valid for 12 months. Learn more
^ For Australian residents prices include GST

Comparison table

Level Up XP Level Up XP+
Free Pro Multi Enterprise
Number of users
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of websites
Number of websites - 1 3 Custom
Standard features
Standard features Yes Yes Yes Yes
GDPR compliance
GDPR compliance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drops: Award points anywhere 🆕
Drops: Award points anywhere 🆕 - Yes Yes Yes
Activity completion support
Activity completion support - Yes Yes Yes
Course completion support
Course completion support - Yes Yes Yes
Target activities by name
Target activities by name - Yes Yes Yes
Grade-based rewards
Grade-based rewards - Yes Yes Yes
Individual rewards
Individual rewards - Yes Yes Yes
Anonymise lastname only 🆕
Anonymise lastname only 🆕 - Yes Yes Yes
Team leaderboards
Team leaderboards - Yes Yes Yes
Mobile app support
Mobile app support - Yes Yes Yes
Limit students' rewards
Limit students' rewards Limited Yes Yes Yes
Resilient cheat guard
Resilient cheat guard - Yes Yes Yes
Course selection
Course selection - Yes Yes Yes
Additional level badges
Additional level badges - Yes Yes Yes
User profile support
User profile support - Yes Yes Yes
Substituting experience points
Substituting experience points - Yes Yes Yes
Export everything 🆕
Export everything 🆕 - Yes Yes Yes
Support development
Support development - Yes Yes Yes
Import from CSV
Import from CSV - Yes Yes Yes
Email support
Email support - Yes Yes Yes
Partial IOMAD support
Partial IOMAD support - - Yes Yes
Price Free $160 $280 -
Get from Moodle.org Buy now Buy now Contact us

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How about the privacy of the learners?

The data collected never leaves your Moodle site. The plugin also complies with Moodle's privacy requirements, making it GDPR compliant.

What sort of support do you offer?

We offer a year of email support with the packages Pro and Multi. What this means is that you can directly contact us if something breaks and we will fix it.

How does the license work?

When your license expires, the plugin will keep working, however you will lose access to newer versions of the plugin, which means that your copy may become incompatible with upcoming Moodle versions. You will also lose access to new features, bug and security fixes, and technical support. Renewals are optional but highly recommended. We will email you when your license approaches its expiry. Read more

Which versions of Moodle are supported?

The plugin supports all versions of Moodle from 3.3 to 4.0. Level Up XP+ for Moodle Mobile requires the latest Moodle Mobile app.

What is needed to use Level Up XP+?

Level Up XP+ is distributed as a separate Moodle plugin from the free version, both must be installed on your Moodle site. Some features also require the installation of the free plugin Shortcodes maintained by us.

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