What happens when my license expires?

When your license expires, the plugin will keep working in its current state and environment.

However you will lose access to newer versions of the plugin. With an access to the latest version:

  • You can obtain a version compatible with newer Moodle versions
  • You benefit from new features and improvements
  • You benefit from bug and security fixes
  • You can contact us for technical support*

It is important to keep plugins up-to-date. As a general rule of thumb, we do not recommend that you upgrade your Moodle site while using outdated plugins.

Additionally, renewing your license directly impacts our ability to fund the maintenance and development of Level up!. Licenses are 25% cheaper than a full purchase, so it's a safe bargain. We do not renew licenses automatically, we will email you when your license approaches its expiry.

* Only available with certain licenses.