Level up! 3.8.1 and Level up! Plus 1.8.0

At last grades can be used as rewards, here are the details of our last release of Level up!.

Level up! Plus v1.8.0

New features

  • Grade-based rewards are now possible
  • Default grade rules can be created by admins
  • Added shortcode xpteamladder to display the team leaderboard
  • The log page displays where the points originated from

Level up! Plus can be purchased here.

Level up! v3.8.1

Bug fixes

  • The cheat guard miscounted the maximum actions allowed in time frame
  • Sorting the logs by points raised a database error
  • The manage permission is now required to search courses in the course rule
  • Missing bind when handling exception in module resource selector

Quality of life

  • Display a warning when the plugin configuration and URLs mismatch

Technical changes

  • Changes to filters and rules to support grade-based rewards in Level up! Plus

Level up! can be downloaded for free here.

Release date: December 4, 2019.

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