Level up! 3.6.0 and Level up! Plus 1.6.0

We're proud to announce new features to both flavours of Level up!.

Level up! v3.6.0

  • Educators can now add additional arbitrary information to the information page
  • The information page has been restyled
  • We added an option for users to pick their preferred pagination size of the ladder
  • The shortcode xpladder supports displaying the top users with the argument top
  • A minor bug causing issues with some themes on the Visuals page was fixed

Level up! can be downloaded for free here.

Level up! Plus v1.6.0

  • The progress bar can be set to display the overall progress towards the very last level

Level up! Plus can be purchased here.


We would like to thank Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University for being the sponsor of some of the changes in these releases.

Release date: February 3, 2019.