IIS considerations

When the Moodle configuration setting slasharguments is enabled, Level Up XP uses PATH_INFO to determine which view to display to the user. If your web server is not properly configured, you may encounter an error reading: Coding error: Controller for route not found.

Firstly, please ensure that IIS was set-up according to the Moodle documentation on IIS.

You will need to add a second rewrite rule for Level Up XP itself, please configure as follows:

  • Requested URL: Matches the pattern
  • Using: Regular expressions
  • Pattern: ^(blocks\/xp\/[^\?]+?\.php)(\/.+)$
  • Action: Rewrite
  • Rewrite URL: {R:1}?_r={R:2}
  • Append query string: Checked
  • Stop processing of subsequent rule: Checked

Make sure that this rule takes precedence over the other rule required by Moodle.

If at this point you're not having any success, consider disabling the Moodle admin setting slasharguments.

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